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Learners Licence

We do learners license classes for


  • Code 1         Motor Cycle                          age 16 and up


  • Code 2         Motor Car (Code 8)               age 17 and up


  • Code 3         Truck (Code 10-14)               age 18 and up


Our Learners classes deals with all the facets of a learners test nl:


  1. Traffic Rules

  2. Traffic Signs

  3. Vehicle Controls





Why Learners Classes are recommended


More and more learners fail daily there learners license tests. It is not because they are not prepared for it but because the questions get put to them in a different way than they expect it or used to get it at school.


Here at Alpha Driving School we train all our students to understand the question and what possible answer they want.


We do a full test after we explained all the rules and regulations. This test is very similar to the one being done at the Drivers License Testing Centre (DLTC).


After only one of our classes the chance of failing reduce by more than half.


Our proven pass rate is 99%.


To understand what an actual learners test could require from you please answer the 4 questions in the  LEARNERS SAMPLE QUESTIONS included in the sub heading.



If you need assistance to pass your Learners please contact us to book a class.

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