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Learners Licence Sample Test



    Which rule is considered the most important RULE OF THE ROAD in South Africa?

  • A     Do not exceed the speed limits.

  • B     Keep to the left side of the road as far as is safe.

  • C     Always be courteous and considerate towards fellow road users.


2     Road sign L 9 warns you about... ahead.

  • A     roads which cross

  • B     a first aid post

  • C     a railway crossing


3     Under what circumstances, if any, are you allowed to drive your vehicle on the right-
       hand side of a public road with traffic moving in both directions?

  • A     Under no circumstances.

  • B     When the emergency lights of your vehicle are switched on.

  • C     When a traffic officer orders you to do so.


4     Road sign CC 9 is found at a ...

  • A     sharp curve to the right.

  • B     dangerous place where roadwork is in progress.

  • C     traffic circle where right of way is applicable.




If you can't answer these 4 questions correctly you have a 10% chance of passing your learners test.

1B, 2A, 3C, 4C

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